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it crowd

Roy e Moss tra poco saranno in onda per la terza stagione di It Crowd, con nuove, esilaranti battute e momenti geek, e il creatore Graham Linehan, oltre a promettere tanto divertimento, chiede ai fans un po’ di aiuto con idee per il set:

How would you like to help in designing the look of series 3? Specifically, you’d be helping us choose the stuff that litters the main set. I’m talking about posters, comics, fanzines, T-shirts… anything you’ve seen in the last few months that you think is pretty cool or captures the spirit of the show or a particular character. By now, most of you know the kind of things I like…weird toys, indie comics, sci-fi, geek references, internet memes, boardgames…normally I’d delight in tracking down the stuff myself, but as I say, it’s just not going to happen this time round.

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